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All Xiegu Radio Products

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Ruixue Technology offers an extensive selection of Xiegu radio wireless transceivers, including portable, handheld, and base station models. Our products support a wide range of frequencies, from long wave to very high frequency, catering to diverse communication needs. Our line-up also features robust supporting equipment such as RF power amplifiers, automatic antenna tuners, specialized communication transmitters, and mobile power supplies. Whether for amateur radio enthusiasts or professional applications, our Xiegu radios and accessories provide reliable solutions in any environment.

HF Transceiver

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Xiegu hf radio offered by Ruixue Technology

HF Transceiver

High Frequency (HF) transceivers, operating between 1.6 and 30 MHz, are essential for long-distance communication. These devices are capable of transmitting and receiving signals over extensive ranges, which is crucial for connectivity in remote locations or critical emergency scenarios. Available in various designs such as portable, handheld, and base units, HF transceivers can be tailored to specific requirements. Xiegu radios, known for their reliability and versatility, offer a range of HF transceivers that are perfect for anyone needing dependable communication solutions.